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We organize and conduct training courses on web application security for web developer and system administrators. Highly qualified trainer with practical experience of web application security carries out the training. Study combines theoretical information security and practical examples and tasks. Training can be taken directly on the customer's enterprise.

Training can be given in english or french.

PHP Application Security

This training, led by an expert in application security, distributed over five (5) days, helps students become familiar with the principles and best security practices on the development and testing of web applications made in PHP. This training is designed to provide an overview of application security for web programmer. This course covers all major types of vulnerabilities, penetration testing, security aspects related to the design and application development as well as the integration of security within the development cycle of an organization.

Five reasons to participate

Main security traps
Learn about the best practices to prevent the introduction of vulnerabilities and learn how to identify common and important mistakes.
Lecture and Training. Make your exercises, analysis and testing in a real web environment.
Save time and money
Avoid losses due to vulnerabilities and patches subsequent of development.
Proven methodology and expertise
Our training follows all the principles of the methodology Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and several additions to PHP from the experience of many security experts and PHP.
Exclusive offer
Attend a proven training, given by an internationally recognized expert in PHP applications security.

Next training:

  • Montreal (Quebec) - 2011-01-24 to 2011-01-28 - French
  • Montreal (Quebec) - 2011-02-21 to 2011-02-25 - English
  • On request